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Belle Derma Semi Permanent Make Up and Beauty, Neath. FAQ's by current customers.


How long does Semi Permanent Make Up last?

Semi Permanent Make Up can last up to five years with appropriate care and maintenance. Just like a normal tattoo it can be expected to fade over time. A top up is usually recommended after the first 6-8 weeks to get the maximum colour and definition. Top ups are then advised every 18 months for optimum colour. Top ups and evaluation are free with full price treatments. However when purchased as part of an offer an £85 fee will apply.


How long does Semi Permanent Make Up take to heal?

The healing process varies with the area of the face treated. There may be some mild swelling to the eyes and lips and some slight redness. This will usually go down within 24 hours. You may get some light flaking of skin over the next 7 days. It is important not to pick or scratch at skin to avoid removing the pigment before it has a chance to fully heal.


Do you wax away natural hair before microblading or tattooing?

Certainly not. The aim of microblading is to create a natural hairstroke effect and enhance the existing shape of the eyebrow. Some stray hairs may be tweezed away to create a more neat and defined shape.


Will my skin peel after a chemical peel?

The peel currently offered by Belle Derma has little down time and can be performed in a lunch hour. Due to the PH balance of the peel there will be no obvious peeling evident, you may get some very mild redness of skin but you will be able to go about your day as usual. Higher strength peels are available. Please ask for details.


What is Derma roller or microneedling?

Microneedling is a fantastic treatment which causes micro damage to the epidermis (skin) to encourage the stimulation of collagen. A derma roller is a roller device with many needles that can be rolled over the skin. This procedure can also be performed with a mechanical device sush as a derma pen which uses a stamping technique. This treatment is effective for hairloss, improving signs of sun damage and ageing, can improve cellulite and stretch marks.


Will a Scalp tattoo, Scalp Micro Pigmentation change colour?


The pigments used in Scalp Micro Pigmentation are different to traditional tattoo pigments or regular semi permanent make up pigments and are designed not to fade to their base colour i.e blue, green or orange tones. Scalp Micro Pigmentation pigments are designed to fade to more natural tones like charcoal grey or salt and pepper tones.




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